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mfnc_logo300At MFNC we work with individuals who are looking for comprehensive shoulder care for their chronic shoulder pain. We want the results you achieve to be long-lasting so you can enjoy your favorite activities well into the future. If you’re looking for comprehensive solutions to chronic shoulder pain, we are the clinic for you. We will approach your condition in a unique way that you probably haven’t experienced before, restoring full function via Chiropractic Functional Neurology Rehabilitation, soft tissue treatments, ARP Wave, muscle testing, and nutrition. Read more…

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Hoppe provided me with excellent care for my lower back and shoulder pain. He performed a very thorough analysis, treated the problem and provided me with exercises and stretches (more…)

Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

Dr. Hoppe is incredibly thorough, has a naturally caring nature and unmatched dedication to helping patients get well. I would recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional care.

Daniel Schilling DC

Unmatched Dedication

Dr. Hoppe has been a great help in treating me and my ailments. He has not only helped to adjust me as needed to provide some immediate relief, but has educated me on how to help (more…)

Chronic Pain

Suffice it to say I have seen my fair share of chiropractors, some of which have helped with my physical limitations and others not so much. Over the past 2 years Dr. Hoppe has become my (more…)

Shoulder and Back Pain

Dr. Scott Hoppe is a very talented and thorough Chiropractor. I had a shoulder injury that was very painful. Other practitioners helped some but it wasn’t going away or consistently getting (more…)

Shoulder Pain

As our intern at Back To Life Natural Health Center, Dr. Hoppe was bright, enthusiastic and very willing to learn. The patients loved him and it was a joy to have him around. He showed a skill (more…)

Exceptional Chiropractor

If this sounds like you or a loved one, call or email us to see if you qualify for care with our team at MFNC.

Meet Dr. Scott Hoppe

Dr. Scott Hoppe has always had a long interest in health and how the body functions. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness from University of Wisconsin… Read More

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How is MFNC different?

  • Patient centered: MFNC will bring you into the learning process and plan of care for your individual unique needs.

  • A thorough, science-based healthcare approach: We look at your medical history, physiology, and lifestyle. We also perform laboratory testing, if necessary, that goes beyond what is typically performed.

  • Integrative best practices: We focus on prevention through nutrition, diet, and exercise, incorporating a combination of medicine, supplements, diets, and detoxification programs.

What is Functional Neurological Rehabilitation?

Functional Neurology is about finding the areas of the brain and nervous system that are not firing appropriately and why? These areas are then stimulated using chiropractic adjustments, neuromuscular re-education, visual, auditory, olfactory, and vestibular feedback to promote healthy function. At MFNC we utilize functional neurology, orthopedics, and chiropractic techniques to help you fully heal.

How quickly can I expect results or a noticeable change?

It is common for patients to see improvement after one to two treatments. Most patients start to notice a difference right away. With more complex and challenging cases it will take longer to making lasting changes. More complex cases will often see gradual improvement after 2-6 months of care depending on patient fragility.

What are the rehabilitation exercises like?

The rehabilitation exercises often consist of the Dynasion D2, ARP wave, myofascial therapy, targeted eye exercises, complex manual movements, stability training, and mobility exercises to restore function.

How do you improve chronic pain?

Chronic pain is improved by breaking the pain cycle through the functional neurology, orthopedics, and chiropractic techniques as well as nutritional therapies when necessary. We also re-balance the reflexes between your eyes and your spine through the development of specific eye exercises, which you will perform in office as well as at home in between office visits. Chiropractic adjustments are held longer when the eyes and the spine are in balance, this is because of the direct relationship between the two.

What do I have to do?

While functional neurology and its tools are a very powerful way of addressing health conditions, this is not a quick fix. Traditional medicine has answered the public’s demand to be better today even with very complex problems.

What is a Functional Neurology exam like?

The first office visit is typically one hour in length, which includes full history, examination, and care. The examination involves assessing cognitive function, short term and working memory, motor and sensory testing, reflex performance, cranial nerve function, balance, core stability, vestibular ocular reflexes, platform posturography, gait analysis, and myofascial planes.

Why should every Chiropractic Patient have a Functional Neurological exam?

A chiropractic adjustment is a huge amount of stimulus for the brain. By performing a functional neurological examination first we can assure to safely provide chiropractic adjustments that will not overstimulate compromised areas of the brain. We enhance treatment by sending the right kind of stimulus to targeted areas of the brain.

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